COVID-19 policies

Updated July 15th

We've missed you!

The last six months have been an exercise in practicing change, if nothing else.  We've got a long way to go before things return back to normal, so it is up to all of us to follow the direction of health experts and do our best to keep our communities safe.  Kernville Cowork is currently open under the rules for "office workspaces".  Some of our members work in essential sectors, and others do not, so as restrictions are enacted and lifted we are going to have to adapt carefully to make sure we’re following both the letter and the spirit of the law.  That being said, keep in mind that we are far more than just office space, and we aren't your typical office - how many offices have visitors drop in from all over the country?

Below we're laying out our plan for keeping our community safe, while staying in compliance with shutdowns as they arise.  Keep in mind that we're receiving new information and guidance from the government every day, and we're also listening to our members to hear what they want and need.  All of the below is subject to change.

So here's the plan: