Available discounts

The heart of Kernville Cowork isn't about desk space, it's about a mission. We want to improve the state of our community and the entire Kern River Valley. With that in mind, we're offering discounts in areas that help move that mission forward.

Student discount

One of our primary goals is to foster career growth. To that end, we want to support students (and recent graduates) that are working towards their career goals by plugging them into a space where they can not only thrive in a focused study environment, but also network with professionals working in a variety of industries.

We are offering $10 off of individual day passes, or $10 off any membership plan that includes desk plans (community membership is not included). Please provide proof that the member has registered at or attended a higher education institution in the past 12 months. Discount will expire within 12 months after the member is no longer attending the school.

Use the discount code LearnToSucceed20

Local business partnerships

We want our local businesses to thrive, and they are part of our coworking community. Visit any of the below businesses, and get a code for $10 off a day pass (look for a business card at the register with the code or ask an employee). Please bring proof of purchase from the participating business when you come to use the day pass. No minimum purchase required. This discount is only valid on the day that you make the purchase at the participating business. Limit 1 discounted day pass per purchase per day (but you can use the discount for as many days as you want, provided you make a new purchase at the participating business each day).

P.S. Want to join this list? Reach out to [email protected].

Participating Businesses